I can see so many amazing colors after cataract surgery with Dr. Varshney! Now I can paint again and I am so grateful!
— Izabelle C.
Needed an immediate appointment with an ophthalmologist due to sudden, severe eye pain. Dr. Varshney saw us immediately even though she had not seen us before. She was professional and thorough and spent a great deal of time with her diagnosis and treatment protocol. She is a highly educated, and caring doctor. We were fortunate to have found her. Dr. Varshney called the next day herself, to make sure the eye was healing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the best and most compassionate eye care.
— H. W. W.

“I was tired of feeling like I was in a cattle farm at my eye doctor’s office. Then, I found Dr. Varshney. Her office and staff were superb! I had a thorough eye exam, and she took the time to explain everything so well. I can’t recommend her enough!

— Donna R.

Sometimes doctors pretend to be more qualified than they are by adding a bunch of fluff. The doctors at Coastal Skin and Eye are truly intelligent and graduated from amazing schools. I always look at a doctor’s education to guide me in whom I should be trusting for my medical advice. Can’t go wrong with Dr. Varshney or Crosby!

— Gavin R.